10th Steam Engine Festival
April 6th to 8th, 2018

We want to say Thank you! to all visitors and helpers along the 10th Steam Engine Festival!

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General information

The Dresdner Dampfloktreffen has established its place among railway and steam galas in Saxony for many years. Several vintage trains from various regions of Germany as well as from neighbouring countries will come to Dresden, for their travellers and rolling stock to attend this gala. Similar to previous years, we intend to have illuminated evening photo sessions (Fri., Sat.) and a live music concert "Steam & Dixie" (Sat. night). An attractive programme of half-day and full-day excursion trains will be offered again. We cordially welcome you as our travelling guests, in addition to "feel" the atmosphere in our depot.

The tickets are not only valid for a single entry to the very festival grounds. A single entry to Verkehrsmuseum Dresden (Dresden transport museum) in the JOHANNEUM building located at Neumarkt in the city center is included as well. Such extra visit is only possible at one of the three days of the steam engine festival, but it need not be at the same day as the visit of the festival grounds. Tickets can be purchased at either place, so please feel free to choose your personally best order: First Johanneum and then Zwickauer Strasse, or vice versa.

NEW with this year's Dampfloktreffen:

The entry ticket (15.00 €, reduced fare 8.00 €) contains a voucher for a meat saussage "Bratwurst" with a slice of bread OR a pint of beer OR a non-alcohloic beverage. Please be aware that this food or drink can exclusively be obtained from the booth of Eisenbahnmuseum. None of our catering partners do accept this voucher. Please pay attention to the respective signs of where to really ask for this deal. Finally, we want to announce that unused, unconsumed vouchers will not be refunded by principle.

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Journey to the Dresden Steam Engine Festival

Our partner travel agency Augustustours offers individual journeys to Dresden including hotel. Further information on the Augustustours website: >>> Logo AUGT allg <<<.


Schedule of shuttle bus service

Shuttle busses operate between Dresdner Hauptbahnhof, the festival grounds (Zwickauer Straße) and Verkehrsmuseum Dresden (Neumarkt). To meet the expected capacity requirements, contemporary Solaris busses will run in line with historical Ikarus types. The schedule is available as follows:

>>> Freitag <<<

>>> Samstag / Sonntag <<<

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Booking portal / Webshop

Our webshop for the 10th Steam Engine Festival has been closed by March 31st. >>> here <<<. Only rides on our excursion trains are available from there. Since shipping tickets or vouchers would take too long to be in time, we will issue a PDF voucher upon your reservation by e-mail. Payment is possible by Paypal only. It will be mandatory to show a print-out paper sheet of the voucher at the platform or on the train. Only this document is a valid certificate of your booking and payment. So please do not forget to print and take it with you.

In some very few instances, there have been slight troubles in finalising the online purchase process in that webshop. We are very sorry for such inconvenience. Please check immediately after finalising all steps throughout the purchase procedure in the webshop IF you have received an automatically generated e-mail message as a confirmation. If this is not the case, i.e. if you have not quasi-instantaneously received such message, please contact us personally and quickly by phone or individual e-mail message. Please note: Tickets at travel agency Augustustours can be picked up only after you got an e-mail confirming the deposition. If your favourite excursion train is indicated as "sold out" (or does not show up in the webshop any longer), you may take the following option:

Each set of coaches has two unreserved wagons! The first and the last carriage of each excursion train is unreserved and can be entered spontaneously at the platform without a pre-reservation. Please show up at the platform of departure in time and ask our friendly staff.

The schedules for the excursion trains will be published on our website timely before the departure. Such rather short-term notification has nothing to do with intended surprise effects or even "mystery-mongering"! Experience has simply told us that the final and hence really reliable schedules will be delivered by the carriers to us not earlier.

Right now, there is a special booking hotline for questions and problems. If your phone call cannot be answered please leave your name and phone number on our answering machine. We will call you back shortly. Starting on April 3rd the various preparations for our festival will result in inaccessibility of our hotline. Thanks for you understanding.

Hotline (until April, 2nd, now expired): +49 (0) 351 417 94 36

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Special events

By now the following events are set:

Evening Locomotive Presentations

- one on April 6th and the other on April 7th, 2018, each starting by 7 p.m. and ending about 10 p.m., special entrance fee 15.00 € per person

Annotation: To present each engine present for a sufficient time on the turntable we will show some engines during the first event and others during the second evening. So if you intend to take images or movies of any locomotive attending the gala, please be aware to spend both evenings here.

2nd annotation: Restricted access and just a limited number of tickets available. Experience tells us that they are likely to sell out quickly... so please do not hesitate too long if you really want to attend these sessions. 

"Dampf & Dixie" (Steam & Dixie music)


 - on April 7th, 2018, separate from the illuminated engine presentation, entrance from 7 p.m., extra entrance fee 15.00 € per person

- renown bands JACKPOT and BLUE DRAGONS JAZZBAND have confirmed their attendance


In the white shed on depot ground of Dresden Transport Museum (corner Zwickauer / Würzburger Strasse) there will be a model train exhibition of associations around Dresden.

Another model train exhibition is shown in the building beside roundhouse 1 (Railway Museum's ground). The entrance is seperated into groups, every 30 minutes, because otherwise too many visitors will be in a room with limited space.

On the street Zwickauer Strasse dealers with railway-related stuff will offer there things.

Between the sheds on depot ground of Dresden Transport Museum and along the entrance of Dresden Railway Museum you will find our snack bars and snack cars.

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Guest engines and excursion train programme

These steam engines have been confirmed to attend of our festival as guests in operating order:

  • 18 201, Dampf Plus - CANCELLED, 18 201 will not join the Dampfloktreffen because short-term repair at Meiningen cannot be completed in time, IG Bw Dresden-Altstadt e.V. has no influence on these new facts but can only accept the reality
  • 03 1010, Halle/Saale - CANCELLED, 03 1010 will not join the Dampfloktreffen because short-term repair by the respective team could not be completed in time, IG Bw Dresden-Altstadt e.V. has no influence on these new facts but can only accept the reality   
  • NEW: 03 2155, WFL, as a substitute for 03 1010, many many thanks to WFL for such great offer!!
  • 35 1097, IG 58 3047 e.V., Glauchau (not all the time)
  • 44 1486, Eisenbahnfreunde Staßfurt
  • 50 3648, Sächsisches Eisenbahnmuseum Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf
  • 52 8079, Dampf Plus (not all the time)
  • 52 8131, WFL
  • 52 8154, Eisenbahnmuseum Bayerischer Bahnhof Leipzig e.V.
  • 477.043, nickname "parrot", ?eské dráhy.

Apart from the steam engines, we are proud to present you further vintage locomotives and a DMU in operating order:

  • 118 552, ITL Dresden
  • E 77 10, DB AG (hosted in Dresden by IG Bw Dresden-Altstadt e.V.)
  • M 260.001, ?eské dráhy.


As many of our guests may already know, we will offer an outstanding special steam train programme around the Steam Engine Festival.
At the moment - which is April 3rd, 2018 (Tuesday) - the following trains are planned:

Various short-term track construction in the realm of DB Netze has compelled us to re-route some of the excursion trains. None of the excursion trains will be abandoned but alternative lines and targets had to be diligently selected. Just as recent as March 26, 2018, DB Netze has finally communicated that the Elbtal main line cannot be travelled by charter/vintage trains because ordinary double-track will be reduced to single-track availability. In addition, track infrastructure works close to Klotzsche have been heavily delayed so that the main line to Bautzen suffers prolonged full-scale shut-down. We have immediately taken extensive measures to create alternatives. Details see at the respective trains.

IG Bw Dresden-Altstadt e.V. is very sorry for all inconvenience but cannot influence the activities of DB Netze in this respect. We hope that any of you can understand and will enjoy the new routes as well.

All trains will serve food and beverages, most likely in a characteristic dining car inherited from Deutsche Reichsbahn of GDR.
Children up to 6 years of age in accompany with an adult and without a claim for an own seat are transported free of charge.

Friday, 2018-04-06:

  • Dresden – Berlin – Dresden, Express Passenger Train "ELBFLORENZ", planned locomotive: 03 1010 NEW: 03 2295 as the single engine, no banking engine and no light engine for power supply to the carriages
    Price: 79.00 € per person
    In Berlin you may visit the Railway Museum Berlin-Schöneweide. The entrance fee is included in the train ticket!

Saturday, 2018-04-07:

  • Morning (return by lunch time), planned locomotives 52 8154 and diesel 118 552:
    Initially intended route, will not be travelled: Dresden – Kamenz – Bautzen – Dresden
    New route, will be travelled: Dresden - Freiberg - Großvoigtsberg - Nossen - Meißen - Dresden
    Price: 42.00 € per person or
    Combined Ticket (train ticket + entrance to the festival area): 54.00 € per person
  • Afternoon (start after the morning train has come home), planned locomotive 50 3648 + class 52.80:
    Dresden – Meißen – Nossen – Freiberg (Sachsen) – Dresden
    Price: 42.00 € per person or
    Combined Ticket (train ticket + entrance to the festival area): 54.00 € per person

Sunday, 2018-04-08:

  • Morning (return by lunch time), planned locomotives 44 1486, 50 3648:
    Dresden – Freiberg (Sachsen) – Dresden
    (parallel ride with a vintage freight train up the "Tharandter Rampe" from Tharandt to Klingenberg-Colmnitz)
    Price: 42.00 € per person or
    Combined Ticket (train ticket + entrance to the festival area): 54.00 € per person
  • Afternoon (start after the morning train has come home), planned locomotives 35 1097 and 52 8079:
    Initially intended route, will not be travelled: Dresden – D??ín (CZ) – Usti n.L. (CZ) – Dresden
    New route, will be travelled: Dresden - Meißen - Nossen - Döbeln - Chemnitz - Glauchau - Chemnitz - Freiberg - Dresden
    Price: 42.00 € per person or
    Combined Ticket (train ticket + entrance to the festival area): 54.00 € per person

For any schedules click this line

Subject to changes!

Please be aware that any of these trains will start and terminate at Dresden Hauptbahnhof. There will not be any chance of boarding or exit at the festival grounds in Altstadt.

Please note:
- All trains will depart from and arrive at Dresden Hauptbahnhof (main station). None of the trains can stop at the railway museum or festival area, respectively.
- The Combined Ticket allows you to enter the festival area along Zwickauer Straße once, on a single day of the 10th Steam Engine Festival.
- Any special trains will be operated only upon receiption of sufficient pre-bookings, so that the break-even point of cost and revenue is passed. But we are pretty sure that none of the train offers would sell less - but you can never be sure in advance. Thus, please do not hesitate too long to book your tickets.

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11th Dresden Steam Engine Festival 2019

Please note: The 11th Dresden Steam Engine Festival will be held April 12th to 14th in 2019. We are looking foward to seeing you again!

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