About us, the association "IG Bahnbetriebswerk Dresden Altstadt e.V."



How everything started

In March 1999 the association IG Bw Dresden-Altstadt e.V. was begun. Members of the existing group "Freizeitgruppe des Bahnsozialwerks (BSW)" started to re-organize the way of preserving our long railway tradition in Dresden. Especially the tradition from the1960's and 1970's was taken as a basis. In the decade of newly shaped German railways in the form of DB AG, together with many subsidiary companies, it was necessary to strike out in a new direction of railway tradition and railway nostalgia to preserve the historic legacy of German railways.

We hope to obtain support by industrial and economic companies. Beside preserving the immovables and technical installations of railway operation and maintainance we take care of several engines which belong to DB Museum Nürnberg but which are based in Dresden on the long term: 01 137, 03 001, 62 015, 89 6009, E 77 10 as well as vehicles of Verkehrsmuseums Dresden (VMD): 19 017, V15 1001, V240 001, 130 002, ORT 188 202, ET 188 511, ET 188 521, EB 188 514. Our activities include repair and maintenance of steam, electric and diesel engines as well as coaches and technical installations.

Projects and cooperation with partners

Our association concluded contracts with VMD and DB Museum Nürnberg for maintainance and use, e.g. of preservation of the "Ruge" crane, steam locomotive 89 6009, electric locomotive E 77 10 and much more. Members of our "youth group" restored 19 017 - "The Pride of Saxony" - to its former beauty with much effort.

In August 2000 the steam engine 03 001 had to be parked because the expiration of its operating permit. The same had previously happened to 62 015 in October 1997.

In 2006 the refurbishment of the steam reservoir engine on behalf of DREWAG was finished. Furthermore, the diesel shunting loco 102 188 had a general inspection. This engine had been handed over to the BSW group of Dresden locomotives as a shunting engine for the museum's operations after maintainance works in Dresden-Altstadt had closed down by the end of 1993.

In spite of the new building for vehicle maintainance of DB Regio on large parts of the area of the former depot, we intend to establish a way to present railway history in Dresden attractively. First steps were setting up the steam engine festivals in 1991, which are still loved by our guests. Unfortunately, this period of great steam engine festivals had to be stopped in May 2004 because of extensive construction and destruction work. From then on, museum activities have been restricted to the areas of roundhouses #1 and #4 as well as the repair works. The vehicle collection of VMD has moved into roundhouse #4 and the repair works. The "Ruge" coal crane was restored and found its new place adjacent to roundhouse #1.

The short time as a branch of DB Museum Nürnberg

For our association, the decision of DB Museum Nürnberg in 2001 to establish a branch in Dresden had an important meaning. DB Museum Nürnberg opened its Dresden branch in May 2002. At this time, the tracks around and the roof of roundhouse #1 were almost completely reconstructed and lights were installed along the pathways. A new oil seperator was established to fulfill recent environmental safety guidelines. Inside our social building a new presentation about the history of railway maintainance in Bw Dresden-Altstadt as well as a cozy café have been set up. This allows us to offer our area for festivities and events of various kinds. However, as quickly as in 2004, DB Museum Nürnberg decided to withdraw from its Dresden branch for financial reasons. As a consequence, our association has operated the museum independently since the 1st of January 2005 - and on our own (financial) risk.

Our regular events

Beginning in 2009, there has been an annual steam enginge convention and festival in Dresden-Altstadt every year. Although this is undoubtedly the most famous event the course of each year we are happy to present numerous further regular events: season's opening and closing festivals, children's parties, the Dresden museums night including a night engine presentation for photographers and movie makers as well as the 1st advent in our museum. At numerous of these occasions we offer rides on steam or diesel engines on the adjacent station grounds.

Periodically, locomotives of special trains which pass, start or terminate in Dresden drop in to Bw Dresden-Altstadt to take on water and coal, respectively, as well as to service the engine.