24 004
(Temporary given to Geraer Eisenbahnwelten)

Year of manufacture 1928
Manufacturer Schichau
Manufacturing number 3119
Wheel arrangement 1´C h2
Genus P 34.15
Type "Einheitslok"
Owner Dresden Traffic Museum (VMD)
Museum's vehicle since 1968
Accessibility not always
24 004

Technical Data

Length over buffers (mm) 16 955
Complete wheelbase (mm) 13 270
Diameter of driving wheel (mm) 1 500
Diameter of running wheel (front) (mm) 850
Diameter of running wheel (back) (mm)  
Height over rail (mm) 4 165
Empty weight (engine + tender) (t) 71,3
Operating weight (including all supplies) (t) 100,7
Number of heating pipes   114
Condensating surface (m²) 104,4
Grill surface (m²) 2,04
Feeding device Injector (l/min) 125
  Piston feed pump (l/min) 125
Maximum speed (km/h) 90
Power (horse powers) 960
Brake type   indepentend working one-chamber air-pressure brake, type Knorr, working from front direction on running and driving wheels
Axle load (t)  
Maximum tractive effort on starting (Mp) 17,6
Boiler pressure (kp/cm²) 14
Diameter high pressure cylinder (mm) 600
Piston stroke (mm) 660
Coal reservoir (t) 6
Water reservoir (m³) 16
Track gauge (mm) 1 435